Skybridge Capital Founder urges investors to buy Bitcoin

Anthony Scaramucci, the founder and managing partner of New York City-based investment firm Skybridge Capital said that Bitcoin will trade at $500K in the near future. He said that those who invest today are still early birds.

VanEck to Launch Bitcoin Futures ETF ‘XBTF’ next week after SEC rejects Spot Offering

The investment firm VanEck will launch its Bitcoin Futures ETF and will be traded under the ticker symbol ‘XBTF’. The ETF had won SEC approval in late October and made a regulatory filing at the time suggesting a launch date of 25th October, but company officials had declined to comment since then on why the new fund had not yet launched.

Chiliz (CHZ) gains 170% after launching live in-game NFTs for fan token holders

Chiliz (CHZ), the blockchain network behind the fan engagement platform gained 170% after launching live in-game NFTs. Recent exchange listings for CHZ as well as its newly released fan tokens and the protocol’s rapidly expanding ecosystem of partners helped price rise.

Bitcoin moves higher

Following the Taproot upgrade, Bitcoin gave a breakout. After taking resistance at $66,200, Bitcoin is now consolidating within a range of 500 points. Going forward, $69,000-$70,000 will be a good resistance zone for BTC.

Parliamentary committee to meet crypto industry players today

Government officials will hold a meeting today with the crypto stakeholders in the industry, including crypto exchanges like WazirX, CoinDCX, CoinSwitch Kuber and others.The meeting will be in succession to the comprehensive meeting chaired by the Prime Minister on Saturday. They will discuss the possibility of bringing regulations in the crypto market.