Mauricio Macri considers Ethereum as among the most innovative technologies

Mauricio Macri, the former President of Argentian said that Ethereum was one of the most innovative technologies during an interview with Vitalik Buterin, the co-founder of Ethereum.

Reports say 0.01% Bitcoin holders control 27% of the asset in control

According to a study, a large portion of Bitcoin is concentrated in the hands of a few. 0.01% of the bitcoin holders have 27% of the total Bitcoins in the world.

Jackson city to start cryptocurrency payroll conversion

Jackson, one of the largest cities in Tennesee is making preparations to provide crypto payroll conversion options for residents.

Regal teams up with Flexa to provide Digital Currency payments for movies

Regal, a subsidiary of Cineworld Group revealed its partnership deal program with Flexa, a leading digital payments network to provide digital currency payments.

Terra has become the second biggest De-Fi platform

Terra has become the second biggest smart contract platform just behind Ethereum. It has surpassed the popular Binance Smart Chain.