Petronet LNG Limited (PLL),  the pioneer and the largest LNG infrastructure company of India is exploring opportunities to facilitate LNG dispensing infrastructure across the country on major national highways. The Company has invited OMCs, CGD entities or any interested parties to partner up for this project.

What this means

Petroleum Natural Gas Regulatory Board (PNGRB) in its public notice earlier this week had announced that any entity can set up an LNG station in any geographical area (GA) or anywhere else, even if it is not the authorised entity for that GA. Petronet’s move is subsequent to the said announcement. In an effort to promote LNG as a cleaner, greener, and economic automotive fuel for Medium and Heavy Commercial Vehicles, PLL has already launched its first commercially registered LNG buses and LNG dispensing stations at its Dahej and Kochi Terminals. PLL is also developing LNG dispensing infrastructure along Delhi-Mumbai highway and has already floated a tender. With this clarification of the PNGRB, PLL is encouraged to develop LNG dispensing infrastructure across the country and might be planning for an expansionary move. It is expected that PLL will soon be coming out with the finer details of the partnerships in the coming weeks.