NFT market cools in Feb as trading on Ethereum & Solana dips

Trading volume across the wider NFT market cooled down in February after a record-shattering month of NFT trading volume in leading marketplace OpenSea in January. OpenSea recorded nearly $3.65 billion worth of trading volume in February between NFT sales on Ethereum and Polygon. The data from Dune Analytics shows an approximate 27% month-on-month dip in trading volume on OpenSea in Feb.

Crypto prices today: Bitcoin down 4.8%, ETH falls 6.5%

Bitcoin is currently trading at $41,371, a 5% decline over the previous day. Ethereum fell 6.46% over the last 24 hours to $2,723.47. Solana crashed 8.5% to $91.86, while Cardano is down 6% to $0.87. Polygon (MATIC) declined by 5.12% to $1.54. The global crypto market cap stands at $1.83 trillion, an 4.34% decline over the previous day.

EU ‘taking measures’ to prevent Russia evading sanctions with crypto: Le Maire

The European Union (EU) is set to crack down on Russia’s ability to evade economic sanctions using crypto, said France’s Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire. “We are taking measures, in particular on cryptocurrencies or crypto assets which should not be used to circumvent the financial sanctions decided upon by the 27 EU countries,” he reportedly said.

Ethereum’s Infura cuts off users to separatist areas in Ukraine

Users of two ConsenSys software products in Venezuela, MetaMask and Infura, found themselves cut off from the Ethereum network. Many reported they had been blocked from their wallets. However, the blockade wasn’t meant for them. It was the result of adding IP addresses from two separatist regions in Ukraine: Donetsk and Luhansk. Infura, which hosts Ethereum nodes, says the problem was accidental and has been resolved.