Crypto market value touches $3 trillion

Bitcoin and Ethereum, the largest cryptocurrencies, created new all-time highs to take the Crypto Market value to $3 trillion for the first time. Bitcoin is now trading above USD 68,000 after creating an all-time high at USD 68,564. Ethereum hit a new all-time high at USD 4,842 and is currently above USD 4,800.

Indian Government switches stance on crypto

The Government of India may consider drafting a crypto bill in the winter session to bring regulation rather than banning it. The move is after a large influx of youth into the crypto market.

New York’s mayor-elect promotes city-themed cryptocurrency

Eric Adams, the mayor-elect of New York, said that the city would become a hub of cryptocurrency in the near future. He added that cryptocurrency and blockchain technology should be taught in schools and Bitcoin would replace the existing currency system across the globe.

Mastercard launches crypto-linked Payment Cards

Mastercard has launched cryptocurrency-linked payment cards in the Asia-Pacific region. This will allow holders to instantly convert their digital assets into fiat currency.

Nigeria’s Central Bank freezes crypto traders’ accounts

It was reported that the Central Bank of Nigeria ordered all commercial banks in the country to freeze the accounts of at least two individuals engaged in crypto trading. Nigeria had banned banks from involving in crypto transactions citing volatility and flow into terrorist funds back in February.